"Science Never Provides Solutions, It Only Poses More Questions.” Is This a Fair Statement?

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Theory Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: July 2, 2012
From the dawn of mankind, man has searched for the answers to the most compelling questions about the natural world, its origin and how things work. However, with this increased knowledge brings about the torrent of questions science churns out. Whether science never provides solutions and only poses more questions, sets off a heated debate. Science indeed evokes more questions, whether ethical or due to science’s provisional nature, yet it is not an absolute truth that science never provides solution. With the aid of science, mankind has overcame many obstacles deemed to be out of man’s reach, solving problems that have long hindered the progress of the society. Furthermore, science has the need to question. It is this ongoing inquiry that drives mankind to come up with predictions through observations, conducting experiments and proposing theories to explain such a phenomenon. Science, in this case, is a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena and the search for knowledge in experiments that verify these theories. Without breeding curiosity and questioning, providing only solutions, science becomes a dogma. Hence, it is flawed to claim that science never provides solutions and only poses more questions.

Science has benefited our lives vastly in various fields. With the advancement of science, humankind has been able to cure diseases once thought to be incurable, produce genetically modified food with enhanced traits that improve nutritional content, predict natural disasters that save lives and boost sports performance in athletes. Science plays an integral role in empowering man with knowledge and imparting life skills on a daily basis. With the invention and practice of vaccination in the twentieth century, immunity and eradication of viruses brought about a decrease in mortality rate, and people’s lives are prolonged with the help of medical advancement. Similarly, the rapid development of surgery, an immense medical...
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