The Chosen One

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nature of science
The nature of science can be found in its process as a mode of discovery . Science , like most fields of study , is basically still just a process of understanding reality and the environment . As a process of understanding , it necessarily involves guesses and conjectures (McComas 1996 . As William McComas states , it is a myth to think that the scientific method is purely scientific just as it is flawed to consider a hypothesis as an educated guess (McComas , 1996 . Science , therefore is a journey into the unknown , a trek to arrive at a better

br understanding of the world we live in
True to the nature of science , it would be rash and counter-science to define the nature of science in something as precise as simply a mode of discovery . The nature of science is something much more than a mode of discovery since it also leads to the invention and development of new technologies that benefit mankind (Lederman , 1998 . To consider the nature of science as simply just a mode of discovery and not a process of transforming nature would be to deny the true nature of science . It is true that science presents answers to questions that have previously left unanswered . It is also equally true that science takes on a different form when it is applied when these discoveries are applied in real life
The nature of science should , therefore , be properly understood as a process that involves discovery and practical application . If science were merely a mode of discovery , without application , then it would simply be a philosophy and not , so to speak , a science . It is with this understanding that the misconceptions and myths are unraveled
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