Science and Technology: Global Earth Observing Systems

Topics: Weather, Meteorology, Global warming Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: October 27, 2008
A recently increasing challenge to the population of the world has been natural disasters. Natural disasters are consequences of the combination of a natural hazards and human populations. Natural hazards include earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, epidemic, and countless other natural processes that threaten population. Human vulnerability is caused by the lack of appropriate emergency management, and leads to financial, structural, and human losses. The losses from disasters depend on the capacity of the population to resist the disaster. We directed our research toward an early warning system that could recognize natural disasters as soon as scientifically possible and spread that knowledge as quickly as possible in order to minimize loss to humans. Upon researching natural disaster alert systems, we came across an intriguing and promising global system of integrated observational systems of the Earth from regions all around the world. This system of the future has numerous capabilities. The Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) effort is designed to integrate existing Earth observation systems across the globe and further develop the systems and capabilities to create the most elaborate observational tool of the Earth in history. Currently, there are a vast number of data buoys floating in the ocean, thousands of land-based environmental stations, and more than fifty environmental satellites orbiting in space. All these observation stations create millions of data sets in total. When GEOSS is finished, all of these individual data sets will be able to be integrated and analyzed. This will create a superior understanding and ability to predict natural and human-related events and conditions and better responses to them. This new science/technology could not only help warn against natural disasters, but this integrated system can do much more. It can give a much better look at weather forecasting and monitoring changes in the environment of...
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