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Schools Should Not Be Closed Because of Low Test Scores.

By th3b3an Feb 28, 2013 1153 Words
Schools Should Not Be Closed
Because of Low Test Scores.

Cody Dean

I. Schools should not be closed down because of low test scores. A. Many schools are being closed because of low test scores when the problem is not the school or its teachers. B. Schools should not be closed because of the students' scores. C. It is not the teachers or administrators fault that the students are failing.

Closing schools will make nothing better.
Schools make jobs.
II. Schools do not have low test scores because of teachers or administrators. A. It is the students' fault that they are failing.
B. It is up to the student to make good grades.
C. Teachers do their jobs and some.
III. Closing schools because to low test scores will make nothing better. A. Students from the closed school have to go to other schools. B. With more students in the classroom, it makes it harder for students to learn. C. Schools are having to make accommodations for the new students. IV. Schools make jobs.

A. 75-120 people work at an average school.
B. Without schools, many people would not have jobs.
C. Jobs lost from the closing schools adding to the national unemployment are making our economy worse. V. People who think schools should be closed because of low test scores are wrong. A. They do not understand the full effect of the situation. B. Low test takers are needed in our society.

C. The jobs that schools make are what our economy, which is, stable jobs. VI. Conclusion
In conclusion, schools are important. Without them our society will fall. Closing schools will nothing better, it makes things much worse. Teachers should not be fired because of students failing.

Is your school crowded? Is a larger classroom making it harder to learn? Schools are being closed because of low test scores and they should not be. There are many reasons why they do not need to be closed. First, many schools are being closed because of low test scores when the problem is not the school or its teachers and administrators. It is wrong for schools to be closed because of test scores. Test scores are only bad when students do not strive for good grades. The teachers and administrators do all they can to help failing students. Students continue to fail because they do not care. It is their own fault that they are failing not the schools. Second, closing schools does not do any good for the community, in fact it makes things much worse. Finally, schools make well-needed jobs.

Schools do not have low test scores as a result of the teachers and administrators. So why do they fail. It is because they do not try or care. High school students don’t care about getting better grades. They do not care about their future. Students do not care whether they will have a job or a home of their own. As stupid as it sounds it is true. High school students are like everyone else, they do not care about the important things in life. They say they care but they do not. Ask anyone if they care about their future and they will say they do. Ask them what they are doing about it and they’ll start to think about it for the first time in a long time.(2010) Their grades depend on the student. If the student does not understand the work, it is grades depend on the student. Teachers do more to help students then they realize Teachers do so much to help students that they should not be fearful of losing their jobs because student do not want to even try to do their work.

Closing schools because of low test scores does not accomplish anything in a couple of ways. First, the students from the closed schools have to be transferred elsewhere. The schools that have to take the students from the closed school now face the problem of teaching larger classrooms. Second, I know from 11 years of school and teachers with much more, that it is much harder to teach a larger class. According to the Student Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) study, students placed in small classes of 15 students, compared to students placed in larger classes of 22, score an average of three points higher on college entrance exams. (2011) Lastly, struggling students that try to get help but the teacher can only do so much. To accommodate for the larger classes teachers have to teach slower and hold back the students who know or remember the information from the previous year. The grades for the school gradually decrease and eventually that school will close and this will create a domino effect.

Schools make jobs. About 75-120 people work at an average school. Teachers starting salaries vary by State and can range from as low as $24,872 in North Dakota to as high as $39,259 in Connecticut. However, these numbers can be misleading, as they do not consider the average salary for teachers throughout each State, which is $37,764 and $59,304 respectively.(2011) If the school is closed then approximately $1,865,400-$4,447,800 is pulled out of our economy. If we lose these jobs then that money does not go into the economy and it makes our situation much worse. With out there jobs many more will be homeless and/or have to rely on the government.

People who think school should be closed because of low test scores are wrong. They do not comprehend the full consequence of the situation. Low test takers are needed in our society for the jobs that maintain our way of life today. Without the lower class jobs we would not have anything the way it is now. We would not have people to build the things we use every day like our roads and houses. The jobs that schools make are not just teachers and administrators. People like janitors and lunch people work to support their family. If these jobs are lost, many people will struggle to support their family. The jobs that schools make are what we need in our economy, which is, a stable job.

In conclusion, schools are important and should not be taken for granted. Without them our civilization will collapse. Closing schools will not make things better for anyone, it makes things much worse. Teachers and administrators are not the cause of students failing. It is ultimately up to the students to make good grades and do their best.


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