Schools and Society Speech

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In the given speech, there are several instances in which the teacher demonstrates sensitivity to the students parents. One of the first ways in which the teacher demonstrates sensitivity is by explaining the meaning of a disclosure statement. This shows she is aware that some of the English learning parents may not understand the term. The second demonstration of sensitivity by the teacher is giving the parents suggestions on how to communicate with each other such as communicating through the schools website and visiting the classroom. The third instance in which the teacher demonstrates sensitivity is by providing detailed instructions of how to access the school's website. Again, the teacher wants to ensure that the parents are able to communicate with her.

The previous three instances of how the teacher shows sensitivity could make the parents feel comfortable that their children are in the hands of a caring teacher. The parents could also feel accommodated by the teacher and know that she truly wants to keep the lines of communication open which would greatly increase the success of the child's education. This would benefit the student as stated by Epstein (2001), “Students' test scores suggest that schools are more effective when families and schools work together with the student on basic skills” (p. 35).

There are also several quotes in the speech that could demonstrate insensitivity to the parents. The first is “To make sure you understand how my classroom will be run, I have written a disclosure document and made a copy for all of you.” The information provided in the disclosure statement may not be understood by all of the parents. Another demonstration of insensitivity is the statement, “A website is a place you can visit using your home computer to get more information about our school and my class.” This statement could indicate that the teacher assumes the parents do not know what a website is but also assumes that the parents have...
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