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Topics: Education, Student, Teacher Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: January 29, 2015
(1)Education is an irreplaceable gift that makes us happy peaceful , fearless and doubtless , but most importantly it makes us better human beings . Education itself removes the darkness away from our lives and suddenly we see how beautiful the world is . Education doesn't consist of school and pointless years of work we will never need , but of the experience in our lives because experience is often our best teacher . Gaining knowledge and getting good grades does not make one educated . An educated person consist of learning how to live , how to hope , and how to behave around others .This is why school should be available once we know what we want to do in life . Once we reach the correct age to make a decision , then we can start our education in the field that we truly desire . (2) In the movie “The Giver “, the education system was organized ,systematic and career oriented . In that movie by the age of 12 the children had to choose what they wanted to do later on in the future .For our society I believe the appropriate age should be 16-18 . At this age we are able to make our own choices and to see what we want to get out of life . Children that are 5-15 should attend to school to learn the basics of life and be prepared to make a choice . This way our education will be more effective and will be taking more seriously . This will also help people be more successful in life and teachers would be highly respected . By having an education system like this it will allow students to focus on one career and not have to deal with taking 8 classes and trying to study and learn all at once . Later on if the student decided that if he/she wants to change or study another career it will be available for them. Teachers will also benefit from this by not having to plan much or have a lot of time taken away from their personal lives . The education system that is being given now has many flaws that aren't useful for our education for example all the wait of time...
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