School Safety

Topics: Teacher, Education, High school Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Case Study on School Safety
This paper is about an incident that took place involving an over age student making a school unsafe for others. The student was very violent and did not get the proper punishment to go along with his behavior. The success of the discipline administered, and alternate solutions to the problems will be discussed. John Green is an 8th grade student who is 16 years of age. He had been retained three times twice in the eighth grade because of his standardized test scores. Only after being in school for a month, John came back from his counselor bragging that he only had to take the test this time and he did not have to pass to move on to high school. This was a bad decision by the counselor to tell him that so early in the school year because he was a child who consistently caused problems in school. One day in October John’s math teacher was sick and could not make it to school so she had a sub take her place. The substitute was not informed of the behavior problems John causes. John repeatedly refused to do any school work in that class. The substitute approached John and asked him why he was not completing his assignment. John jumped out of his chair and said to the substitute, “This B must don’t know who I am.” She substitute asked John get back into his seat and to calm down. John became belligerent and said, “You really do not know who you are @^%$# with.” The substitute at this point became afraid and tried to pull the string to alert the office but John jumped in her way to stop her. One of the boys in the class pulled the string and John got so upset that he and the boy started fighting and John broke the boy’s nose and blood was all over the classroom. When John saw the security guards coming he started throwing chairs and desks at anyone he saw. The security guards were finally able to subdue him and handcuffed John while I took the other boy to the nurse. John was placed on a two day...
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