School Refusal

Topics: High school, Fear, Anxiety Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Gabrielle Akin
Mrs. Prince
English 1213 MW
27 February 2013
Schooling systems can be a difficult place for children to get comfortable in. The unintended traits of school may come off as boring, stressful, and may make you anxious. Children can become very disinterested in school for various reasons, and up to 28 percent of children have refused school at one time or another. The most prevalent time of school refusal is when children are changing schools from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school.

Schools have a great influence on all children, good and bad. The intentions of school are to keep people motivated, hopeful, and satisfied that you can accomplish different tasks. Although for those children who may be a little more slow or quiet, it can have a negative effect leaving them feeling hopeless and just wanting out of the situation completely. There are a few different amplitudes of refusing to attend school. The initial school refusal behavior is only for a small time and may conclude on its own. Substantial school refusal behavior is a minimum of two weeks. Acute school refusal behavior may last up to a year. Lastly, chronic school refusal behavior intrudes on your academics for a couple of years or more.

There are various reasons for the school refusal behavior like internal problems which include anxiousness, the want to be alone, depression, tiredness, social issues, and physical illness or feelings of physical illness. The external problems are outbursts of anger and aggression, tempers, and physical animosity. Some examples of indications why a child would want to refuse school may be to get away from a bully or unwanted peer, a need of attention from parents or a specific person, the fear of not succeeding, and depression or anxiety. All of which can effect the academic and social aspects of school and amplify the feelings of school refusal even more.

There are many ways that may help a child overcome the fear or...
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