Schindler's List vs Book Thief

Topics: Itzhak Stern, Nazi Germany, Oskar Schindler Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The character Death, in Zusack’s The Book Thief says: “That’s the sort of thing I’ll never know- what humans are capable of.” Discuss the way this statement reflects one or more texts you have seen or read this year.

Adaptation is the ability to adjust for existence under environmental conditions. Like how animals adapt in the wild, humans are also capable to be tolerant in difficult situations. We do not know our limit of cruelty or kindness. Although most people choose to be kind and sympathetic to others, there are also people who are cruel and cold-hearted. Mark Zusack states this idea in his book, The Book Thief from death’s point of view, “That’s the sort of thing I’ll never know, or comprehend- what humans are capable of.”

Amon Göth’s cruelty to Jews in the movie, Schindler’s List is an example of human’s undeterminable mind. The morning when groups of Jews arrive to his work camp, Göth randomly starts shooting the Jews from his veranda. At first, the Jews thought they are now safe since they have survived the chaos in the city. Therefore, Göth shoots them to rise up the tension of the scene. His shots cause chaos at the camp and the view of the chaos from his veranda makes the Jews look more animal like and vulnerable. Later in the film, the Jews’ wedding scene, Schindler’s social party scene and Göth torturing Helen scene are shown by juxtaposition. This juxtaposition shows those three different scenes that create different moods in a short amount of time. This also shows Göth’s insanity. He asks questions to Helen however, he answers those questions by himself pretending Helen is the one who’s answering them. His sudden mood swings also hints about his odd mental condition.

In the film Schindler’s List, the audiences are mesmerized by the protagonist, Oskar Schindler’s generosity. It uses juxtaposition between Schindler and Itzhak Stern’s thorough search of all the names to add to the list to save the Jews from the work camp and the images of...
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