Saving New Orleans Post-Katrina

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Debut albums Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Save New Orleans
How would you feel if your town where you were born was flooded and never built back again? In the summer of 2005, in the city of New Orleans, a hurricane, which was named Katrina, destroyed the city, leaving people homeless and source less, and because of that, the government and the town’s council started thinking if they should really re built the city or not, because of possible future disasters. New Orleans is an important city because it was the home of many people, and without it they would need to find some other place to start their lives again, the city contains some great history that cannot be forgotten and if it was to be rebuilt it would be rebuilt in a way that would prevent any future disasters. With that said, even if New Orleans was destroyed by the hurricane, it should still be rebuilt and it should still be turned into a stronger city. I think that if New Orleans was in my hands I would for sure start rebuilding it, get the possible help from anyone, and making sure next time the city will be prepared to fight against future disasters, because it is just part of history, it can’t be let go. As previously mentioned, New Orleans is a very important city, and even if affected by the hurricane it should still be rebuilt. The reason is because New Orleans has been the home of many generations. They were born there, grown up there and formed families there. Not rebuilding their home is like erasing their previous life and their memories. The citizens of New Orleans love their city; “ Man draws near to it, fights it, uses it, curses it, loves it, but it remains remote, unaffected.” People got emotionally attached to this city, so the government cannot just take that away from them, it belongs to them. Since New Orleans is part of their lives, it has to be rebuilt. Another reason why New Orleans should be rebuilt is because the city contains some great history, it cannot just be forgotten. Many great things have happened in New...
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