Topics: Religion, Islam, Separation of church and state Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: March 17, 2014
What is Revitalization Movement? What are the stages of Revitalization Movement? It’s a deliberate, organized, effort by members of society to construct a more satisfying culture. The Revitalization Movement stages include homeostasis or steady state, increased individual stress, deviant, the system or the establishment and cultural distortion. 2.

Give three examples of Revitalization Movements (other than ISKCON). Iroquois Religion of Handsome Lake, the Ghost Dance Religion of Sioux and the Cargo Cults of Oceania are other examples of Revitalization Movements besides ISKCON. 3.

What is the importance of a “charismatic prophet” for a Revitalization Movement? Charismatic prophet himself has undergone a personal transformation, and is convinced that a similar transformation will provide “salvation” for others. He actively pursues the transformation of others as a primary goal believing he is divinely empowered to effect radical changes. 4.

Is ISKCON a religion? Explain. Yes it is because ISKCON’s have cultural knowledge about supernatural, which is defined as religion. ISKCON worships Krishna. Krishna is god. 5.
Explain why ISKCON is a Revitalization Movement. Because ISKCON fits the model of revitalization movement where people dissatisfied with their culture and life and were in counter culture already, where there were mass movements protesting the way things are and to make things better. Charismatic prophet came into their life, Swami Bhaktivedanta. 6.

Briefly describe the Ghost Dance religion of the Native Americans. Ghost Dance religion of native American is Revitalization movement that believed that it will bring back the ancestors and defeat the enemy and will reestablish their way of life. 7.

Explain how Islam became divided between the Sunni and Shiites factions. Main belief by Shiites is that prophet’s successor should be by inheritance or by god instead of men whereas Sunni believe proper procedure...
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