Saturation Report Essay

Topics: Ice cream, Automobile, Walking Pages: 6 (1783 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Huamani 1
Mayra D. Huamani
Professor Joana Gonzales
English 72
12 September 2014

Pico Rivera's Towne Center
Once I got there, my stomach started to creak hunger with just the smell of the mixture of all different kinds of food that was there, and I felt like something was writhing inside me. I was about 10 minutes circling to find a parking nearby, until I saw a married couple with two children walking toward a car. I stood behind them driving too slow, I went along to their car and I waited for the mother of the children to settle them into their car seats, and then they began to go back. There was a gray car in front of me that was preparing to park in the same place as and I did. I did not let the guy park there, so slightly I accelerated my car and I parked first.

I got off my car, and I started walking in and searching of a good restaurant. There was a lot of restaurants there, and every one of them around a water fountain, the reflection of the sun hit the water, and made every drop of water shine like dimonds in the sky. The sound of water falling was relaxing and enjoyable. A lot of kids were playing with the water, trying to reach the bottom of it, with no luck. Their mothers were always there, to protect them to not fall down, and they were also soaking their small hands with the water from the fountain, to avoid them try to touch the water and fall into the fountain and get wet.

I walked into the middle of the square, and stopped there to see what should be good to eat. There was 5 different kind of restaurants there, but I was indecisive of what to eat. I could Huamani 2

perceive the smell of greasy chinese food from where I was, and the line for that restaurant was quite long. People in line looked like ants in a row, close to each other to make their orders. To the right side from where I was, there was a Hawain BBQ restaurant, which it seems a little fancy and clean. I could not perceive from where I was , the smell of the food, so I decided to move a little closer to that place, and see where the smell came from. The place looked clean, tidy and nice to eat lunch there, but then menu did not really catch my attention. This restaurant had pictures taped to the outside windows of some of the food plates that was sold there. I wasn't that sure to go to that place, because the food did not look that good to me, so kept looking around. Turning slowly a little bit to the left I saw a coffee place called Starbucks. The aroma was slightly bitter and sweet, the coffee was caught from the outside once a tall man with dark sunglasses, black shorts, a Lakers t-shirt opened the door to leave the place, with his coffee in his left hand.

I turned to the left , and I saw there were two ice cream spots of different classes. One is called Yogurt Land where they served a kind of frozen yogurt with many delicious and exotic flavors, and you could add any topping that they had according to what you like the most. The other ice cream place was called Baskin Robins, the type of the ice creaam they sold there were more creamy, made it of milk and also had many different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and they were served in a waffle cone .

Turning my sight a little bit more to the left, there was a big red and yellow sign that said “Hot Wing's”, the menu that was posted on top of the lef side of the window in that place, announced the good food they served there. But it was not only the menu that caught my attention , but it also the comment of a tall tanned skin guy with his blond hair a bit tousled, with Huamani 3

a gray cap and jean jacket and black pants that came out of that place with two young and skinny ladies that were his friends. And he said, “These wings are so delicious, huh? We must bring to the rest of the 'crew' to come and eat with us , just so they know what's up with the real food.” and they went walking and laughing into the parking lot . I turned more...
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