Satuday Climb Essay

Topics: Fiction, Family, Interpersonal relationship, Short story, Metaphor, Climbing / Pages: 4 (820 words) / Published: Apr 24th, 2013
“Saturday Climbing” by W.D Valgardson

Most families in the 21st century experience altercations with other family members. With these altercations a number of families go through obstacles and struggles in their relationship and progress. With Barry and Moria’s father daughter relationship, they too are unbalanced. In the short story "Saturday Climbing" by W.D Valgardson, the author creates meaning through text by using symbols and metaphors to reveal the temporary unstable relationship that Barry and Moria are engaged in. Thus, the reconciliation towards the end of the short story. W.D Valgardson uses many different techniques but most importantly uses the image of the cliff to show a meanings such as , Barry’s protectiveness and letting Moria growing up.

In the short story the cliff has a symbolic meaning that relates to Barry and Moria’s relationship. During the short story, the cliff is used metaphorically to display their unstable relationship. In the beginning of Barry’s rock climbing experience , the cliff is described by using personification. “ The cliff is proven to be deceptive.“ The technique of the setting is given a person-like description as a result of the metaphorical significance.The word “deceptive” which means giving and appearance that is misleading is comparing Moria and Barry’s relationship. The author conveys the message through the cliff by implying that although their relationship may seem socially acceptable , Barry’s perspective of their relationship is trying to make it ideal. Also the cliff symbolizes that raising Moria is harder than it seems. Barry is a single father without a spouse, as a result he experiences struggles raising his daughter. As the story progresses, the narrator expresses the elastic rope attaching Barry to the cliff which symbolize their very distant relationship but “ because of the elastic rope he has a chance that would ground out.” This conveys the idea because of the distant relationship

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