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Sarah Boone

By Daijona Dec 04, 2013 310 Words
Sarah Boone was born on June 18, 1770, in Chalfont, New Britain. She was raised in Barks County, Pennsylvania. As a child, she received little education, but that didn’t stop her from succeeding in anything. Although she didn’t receive college education, she still helped make a world of a difference. On her trip to success, she met and later married a young man by the name of John Wilcoxin, also known as Wilcox, in 1742 in Lancaster, California. They were married for full sixty years until Mr. Wilcox’s death in 1802.

Facts say that Sarah never invented the iron board, but she DID invent some improvements to the board. Her improvements included the recline board, to make it easier to store the ironing board away. However, she received her patent for the improvements to the iron board on April 26, 1792. She created this for all African women who needed help with ironing their clothing and getting the unbearable creases out of their dresses and husband’s sleeves for work. She created this to help ease off the work. She became a hero for all black women around the United States, and was well known for this. One problem she had with this invention was the fact that all types of business people came to her for her invention, but she doesn’t have enough supplies, time or money to create them. When she finally gets the enough “ STM”, she finally makes what everyone’s been wanting. She continued to create these amazing life changing supplements until her death in 1815, in Madison County Kentucky.

Sarah Boone was the first African American woman to invent anything and receive a patent for it. Therefore she made a huge change in history. She had a huge dream something was going to happen and it eventually did and created an abstract level of skill in her years.

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