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SAPtips Document Library
We help SAP clients and consultants solve business and technical problems with our library of undocumented features, timesaving solutions, and best practices. SAPtips covers all phases of SAP installations, from full-scale implementation issues to post-golive optimization and functionality enhancements. SAPtips is geared towards helping users maximize their current ERP investment.

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Over twenty categories of SAP topics from which to choose!

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SAPtips Document Library as of February 2004

ABAP, Java, and J2EE Development
APO and Supply Chain Management
Basis, DBA, and R/3 Technical Architecture
Business Warehouse (BW)
CIO Corner
CRM and Mobile Solutions
Data Archiving
e-Commerce and Online Customer Analytics
Enterprise Portals
Financials (FI/CO)
Human Resources (HR)
IS-Public Sector
Logistics and Pricing (SD, MM, PP)
Project Systems (PS) and Project Management
QM and Digital Signatures
RFID, RF, and Bar Coding
Security and System Audits
SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management)
Variant Configuration
Web App Server, NewWeaver, and mySAP Landscapes

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SAPtips Document Library as of February 2004

ABAP, Java, and J2EE Development
Using Clusters to Solve Business and Reporting Problems, Rehan Zeidi, Siemens Pakistan Sometimes getting the most out of SAP® means digging into some under-utilized technical tools. In this “developer-friendly” white paper, ABAP-HR expert Rehan Zaidi delves into the strategic use of data clusters to enhance system performance and reduce database load. Chock full of coding examples, this white paper illustrates the practical application of clusters with HR submodules such as Personnel Administration. Clusters turn out to have many applications; in a section on advanced cluster techniques, Rehan shows how clusters can be used to solve problems such as inserting multiple characters into a single database field.

Writing Your Own Function-Driven Roles Quickly and Easily, Rehan Zeidi, Siemens Pakistan One quick way to become the “most popular developer” on your SAP® project is to automate mundane and repetitive tasks for your business colleagues. Properly utilized, workflow is one of the SAP developer's most powerful tools. But as ABAP expert Rehan Zaidi has found, these tools can be a challenge for developers to master. One key element behind workflow is agent determination via function module creation. If that last sentence made sense to you, then you're really going to enjoy this developer's guide to creating and testing new SAP function modules.

Clash of the Titans Part 3: Why WebAS Beats Microsoft.NET and J2EE, Axel Angeli Most analysts view the main enterprise development options as a battle between .NET and J2EE. But our resident WebAS development guru sees this titanic clash a bit differently. Drawing on his own in-depth research and project observations, Axel makes a bold claim: that SAP®'s Web Application...
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