Santika Nightclub Media Report

Topics: Management, Event management, Santika Club fire Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Santika Nightclub Fire

There are many events happening every day all over the world. All of the events have a positive and potentially even a negative impact on its communities.

In Thailand in early 2009 a New Years’ event had a very negative impact on its community. While people were having fun partying and celebrating the New Year’s party event in ‘Santika’, the nightclub in the busiest area in Bangkok Ekkamai a fire broke out that changed the scene forever. It was a big shocked for everyone when the television and radio announced the news about the big fire inferno at Santika nightclub about 30 minutes after the countdown of the New Year. The record showed that 66 people were killed and over 200 people were injured from smoke inhalation, burns and while a stampede for the exit occurred. Included in the death toll were tourists from Britain, Australia, Singaporean, France and Japanese (“Santika Club fire,” n.d.). There were many media reports that talked about this event, obviously in terms of news and the negative side of the celebrations.

This report will looks at different sources of media reports, which reported on the Zantika nightclub fire and discusses the failure of management responsible for the event and how this relates to event management theories.

Different media articles appeared to have reported different causes of the fire that occurred in the Santika nightclub at the New Year’s party of the year 2009. Some of the articles stated the cause of fire was from someone playing with fireworks inside of the club (Schuettler, 2009). Other media articles said that the blaze started form an electrical fault used at the stage for special effects (“Santika Club fire,” n.d.). The band singer ‘Saravuth Ariya’ who was on the stage at the moment when the fire started was accused of lighting the fireworks that might have sparked the fire in the nightclub. However, the singer claimed, “I did not use any lighter or fireworks during my...

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