Samurai's Tale

Topics: Takeda Shingen, Samurai, Oda Nobunaga Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: September 4, 2006
1.The Samurai's Tale
By: Harutomo Murakami
Houghton Mifflin Company
Copyright @ 1984
215 Park Avenue New York, New York
234 Pages

2. Harutomo Murakami (Taro)- The hero of the story, the son of a poor samurai who died in battle Lord Akiyama Nobutomo- One of Lord Shingen's generals, Taro's master and friend. Lord Akiyama Nobutora- Father of Lord Akiyama Nobutomo

Lord Oda Nobunaga- Lord Takeda Shingen's rival and enemy.
Lord Oda Nobutada- Son of Lord Oda Nobunaga
Lord Takeda Katsuyori- Son of Lord Shingen, also called the Wakatono, the prince Lord Takeda Shingen- The Lord of Kai, a ruthless warlord whose ambition is to rule all of Japan. Lord Takeda Yoshinobu- Son of Lord Shingen. He revolts against his father and is killed. Togan- A lowly servant of Lord Akiyama. He befriends Taro as a child. Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu- A warlord who supports Oda Nobunaga. Later, he becomes shogun and rules Japan. Lord Uesugi Kenshin- Warlord and enemy of Lord Shingen Takeda. Wada Kansuke- Samurai, master of the Konidatai.

Yoichi- Taro's servant.
Yoshitoki- A young samurai, Taro's friend.
Lord Zakoji- A retainer of Lord Akiyama, and father of Aki-hime. Zakoji Aki-hime- A young girl of noble blood, whom Taro loves

3. Murakami is the son of a poor samurai who died in a battle against the might lord, Takeda Shingen. Only four years old at the time, Murakami was spared, while his mother and brothers were slaughtered. Renamed Taro, he became the servant of Lord Akiyama Nobutomo, one of Lord Shingen's generals. Taro's job was to assist Togan, a wise cook who treated him like a son, teaching him many important lessons about hard work, contentment, pride, and humility. One day an old soldier struck Taro, and killed Togan when he tried to protect the boy from the bully.

Eventually Taro was promoted from the kitchen to the stable. When Jiro struck one of the horses unnecessarily, Taro beat the bully. Two years later, Lord Akiyama showed his faith in 14-year-old Taro by...
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