Samsung promotion

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Samsung promotion

Samsung puts great emphasis on its presentation and image in public. Promotion is highly important part of marketing mix and the company sets aside a sufficient and quite large budget for making the best to promote itself. Support of selling is highly intensive and always tries to react on the competition. There are many types of promotion. Samsung uses three types of them. The first one is selective promotion. Selective promotion means that the company provides distribution of its products only through intermediaries, who own special skills that allow them to offer these products to market more effectively. The second type of promotion which is used is intensive promotion. This type’s priority is to achieve the largest possible presence of the products in retail outlets, so the company tries to sell the largest possible number of outlets. This is how they sell to the mass markets. The last one is exclusive promotion. The company sells its products through a limited number of intermediaries. The most commonly used in the luxury segment, to emphasize the exclusivity of these products. The higher priced phones and other electronics are sold through this. Samsung as a company believes in pulling the customer to themselves through advertising but at the same time uses strong tactics to push the product to the customer through sales promotions. Thus on one hand, Samsung uses various marketing vehicles across the year covering festive season as well as non festive time. On the other hand, it gives many offers and discounts to its trade partners to motivate them to sell Samsung above competition. With such a strategy, Samsung’s brand is on the rise so that both, the pull as well as push strategy is working simultaneously in Samsung.

To fulfill all their marketing goals, Samsung knows that they cannot solely rely on their innovative technology ; they have to put a emphasis on advertising. Unlike their competitors, Samsung doesn't use celebrities to promote their phone. They prefer to show everyday scenarios made better by using the phone. Samsung uses an "emotional theme" such as reading a bed-time story to a child or giving birth. At Samsung Electronics, all of the advertising activities are designed to provide the public with accurate information on who they are and what they make through fair and high-quality advertisements, thus helping customers with their buying decisions. Creating a good image through mass media is as important as innovative products. Samsung Electronics’ advertisement is centered on the empowerment of corporate brand identity and product. Samsung promotes its products in a variety of ways ranging from attending the relevant trade fairs for each of its products, to providing print brochures, posters and specification sheets. Information about products is also available on Samsung’s website and via brochure lines. Brochure lines are 0800 numbers which the public can use to find out more about specific products and at which retail outlets they are available. As an example of advertising, most advertising made for Korean consumers is outsourced to advertising agencies. In these cases, the TV advertisement is released on media after careful examination by the organizations of advertisement consultation to make sure that the ad meets legal and moral concerns. For printed advertisements, the in-house committee conducts an examination with ethical code after their public release. With production made for overseas consumers, overseas subsidiaries and branches carry out advertising activities mostly related with product advertisements and firmly abide by the laws, regulations and moral concerns of the country in which they operate Direct marketing

Samsung has turned to the use of Internet to its greatest advantage. For instance, in 2002, the company spent 10% of its advertising budget on-line, up from about 1% in 2001. It used more than 50 Web sites to flood consumers 24/7...
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