Sample Questions and Answers on How a Manager Manages a Company

Topics: Nueva Ecija, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: March 9, 2013
I.T. 401
Human Behavior in Organization
Peret Lumber
Poblacion, San Antonio Nueva Ecija
Nonie Faustino

1. How do you start a working relationship with a new staff? * “I start working with them by explaining the rules and regulations, and talk them not as a manager, but as a friend.” Question:

2. How do you build and maintain a harmonious relationship with your staff? * “I maintain the harmonious relationship with them by cooperating and monitoring each other’s companies that also help us to improve our manager-employee relationship.” Question:

3. How do you satisfy customers?
* “We serve a high and good quality of our products that they will surely satisfy them and a good service to our valued customers with a big smile.”

4. How do you handle failures?
* “No one is perfect, so I accept failures and then I and my staffs will help each other to make solutions that will solve and clear our failures.”

5. As a manager, what is the most difficult part of your position? * “For me actually, there’s no difficult part of being in this kind of position, because if you love your work, you will enjoy it.” Question:

6. What are the significance of monitoring the behavior of your employees? * “By monitoring and observing the behavior of my employees before, during and after working hours are the two of the best ways to know whether each and everyone’s tasks are all doing well and to build a strong relationship with my employees. In this case, I should know if I can trust them, if they are honest, industrious, polite and know how to interact with customers or should I communicate with them as a friend.”
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