Public School Teacher Interview

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Public School Teacher Interview
Johannes Kieding
Simmons School for Social Work

Public School Teacher Interview

My Goal for this interview was to assess the differences and similarities between the teacher’s values and approach to the adolescents that she works with, to that of typical social work values and approaches. I also really just wanted to get a window into the world of a teacher at a public school and get more of a felt sense for what it’s like to be in that role. Interview

Me: “Hi, thanks so much for helping me with my school paper! Teacher (T): “Oh, happy to help. First off, a caveat: Asking me questions about teaching in February/March isn’t ideal. This is the time of year when teachers and students are all incredibly burned out and sick of each other, and we’re still several weeks away from spring break.” Me: “Fair enough! I have never taught in your capacity so I will take your word for it. What is your job title, what are the subject area you teach, and the age of your students? T: “That’s a mouthful. Ok let’s see. I am a high school English teacher. I usually teach 9th grade (14-15 year olds) and juniors/seniors (16-18 year olds).” Me: Very cool. And what motivated you to want to teach?

T: “I have always loved school and learning, and I eventually realized that I was seeking out training positions at all of my previous jobs. It finally occurred to me that I should just go back to school to be a teacher.” Me: Got it, well that makes sense. Do you have a philosophy of teaching or a particular type of pedagogy that you believe in?” T: “Honestly, our teaching methods are largely dictated by the school district. We are constantly being trained in current best practice and are expected to demonstrate those teaching methods in our classroom. Something that has always been important to me personally, though, is having high expectations for students. I have had to defend that quite often though, surprisingly, and...
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