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Topics: Management, Culture, Need Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: October 5, 2010
My interest in studying Events Management started to develop in my early years of adolescence due to my interest in music, dance and other different events that bring many different people from different backgrounds and similar interests together. Since it does not interest me to be on stage, I want to be involved in the work that is in charge of the planning of the event. Another thing that made me want to take this course was the involvement in charity events and different festivals. As I have been in an International School most of my life, I enjoy and need to interact with people from different cultures which has helped me to acknowledge all the different customs and traditions in the different cultures. When I started the International Baccalaureate system, one of my courses that I chose was Business & Management whilst learning about Management this made me realized that I was capable and also wanted to pursue my knowledge in a similar course of management, such as Events Management.

Having lived with my mother all of my life I have experienced all kinds of different therapeutic and relaxing therapies that her small business provides. I never thought that I may want to pursue such a similar occupation but whilst over searching for different courses and options that I could possibly take joint to the course Events Management. I found an interest in Spa Therapies to my surprise, the reason why I found interest in Spa Therapies was because of its effect on people how much more relaxed a person could be after a small amount of time.

From a very young age I have watched many films of different genres and different time periods. I still have this interest but I would like to learn a lot of the theoretical subjects of film. My interest in film was also developed by realizing how films can change an audience’s mood in around one to two hours.

In the time I have left after school I enjoy listening music , surfing the web whilst looking for new...
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