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When I first started training to be a nurse, my most compelling reason for peruse in the career was to care for the sick. Now that I am approaching the end of my three years of training my rationale has changed, I now want to empower patients in regards to their own health, supporting families in need, care for the ‘sick’ child and make a difference amongst as many people as I can.

I have worked with a myriad of nurses (senior and junior alike) whilst training, many of whom have inspired me and I aspire to be like them if not better. They have given me a willingness to reach out to others. I have been told numerous of times that I work well within a team and I have the ability to recognise if a college requires help or support.

Communication, which is vital in all areas, is a skill I have developed throughout my training and will continue to develop throughout my career. I understand the need to remain impartial and non-judgemental when dealing with children and their families/careers. If I have any concern regarding patient care I will speak up as the patient comes first but I will always retain my ability to behave in a professional and respectful manner.

Throughout my training I have always worked within my limitations asking for supervision whenever ensure. I have always shown willingness and desire to develop, something which I will uphold through my transition from student to newly qualified nurse. I have the skills to spot the ‘sick’ child, and any deterioration of a child within my care. I will act on and report the deterioration to the doctors, the nurse in charge and any other relevant members of the team. I have a good understanding of family centred care and the need to see the child and their family as individuals providing care in a holistic manner.

Clinical placements have afforded me the arena to develop skills in time management with the ability to prioritise care. I began delegating tasks to other members of the staff team, taking...
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