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Topics: Mathematics, Actuarial science, Statistics Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 18, 2013
I will cherish the memories of the day I was first introduced to numbers. In school, I have always looked forward to my daily maths lessons. I have been constantly intrigued by the complexities involved in cracking mathematical problems. I feel that the principles of Mathematics appeal to my logical disposition. It seems fitting then, that the subject has continued to enthral me over all these years, particularly as I learnt to appreciate its growing practical relevance and universal applicability. I have decided to pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences to utilize my knowledge in the field of Mathematics.

I have found probability and statistics to be my areas of core interest; the ability to analyse information and predict the possibility of an occurrence being the most fascinating aspect. Having studied probability and statistics in A level Mathematics, I have a sound grasp of the subject which is essential to become a successful actuary. I have also studied O level Additional Mathematics and I am studying Further Mathematics at Advanced level. Having earned an A in Further Mathematics in the College final examinations has elevated my confidence significantly in tackling even the most challenging problems. Apart from Mathematics I also enjoy studying Chemistry and Physics. These subjects reinforce a habit of critical thought which complements my penchant for mathematical reasoning.

My enduring interest in Mathematics as a subject with important real-world applications led me to investigate its significance in the working of an insurance firm. I was fascinated by the extent to which Mathematics was involved in areas such as risk management and actuarial study. The ability to critically analyse and evaluate a problem was evident in the work of the actuary and it reminded me of my experiences of solving mathematical problems during maths’ lessons. This has further deepened my interest in the field of Actuarial Science.

I strongly believe that an actuary is...
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