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Pristine Sun LLC
a clean energy company
$1 Billion in energy assets by 2015

Project Finance
Executive Summary
Pristine Sun’s core management team have an average of 10 years’ experience each in the development and finance of solar & wind projects, with a combined total of $1 Billion+. One example: in 2001-2004 our core team developed the project site that is the largest wind farm in Kansas: the ~$450 Million (250 MW) Smoky Hills Wind Farm. Our business model is simple: rapidly acquire 20-year Power Purchase Agreements (or PPAs) to sell clean electricity to the host property owners, then underwrite and finance these low-risk projects that offer leveraged IRRs of at least 25% after tax and pre-tax unleveraged IRRs of 11-15%. Pristine Sun has signed PPAs in hand totaling $100 Million + $150 Million of Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) projects that can be “shovel ready” within ~90 days from a funding commitment (totaling $250 Million of projects need financing commitments now), plus $600 Million+ of LOIs for additional 150 MW of PPAs in our development pipeline. These projects are primarily rooftop & carport solar PV with private companies, churches and private schools, with some Feed In Tariff projects where the utility is the power buyer. Some projects include small wind turbines and/or solar hot water.

In 2010 we funded the first $250,000 of small commercial & residential PPA projects with our own capital and are currently funding several more internally. In March 2011 we closed on funding for three projects in Hawaii (Maui Brewing Company, Maui Chemical Corp and Maui Brewpub) totaling $3 Million (~600 kW) and each of these projects should be under construction by Earth Day 2011 (April 26th). We expect to close financing in April on $4 Million of additional projects in Maryland and California.

Pristine Sun LLC
Western Regional Office:
4695 MacArthur Court, 11th Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92660
P: 307.200.7075
F: 866.593.9753

970 W. Broadway, Suite E-393
Jackson, WY 83002-3000

a clean energy provider
$1 Billion in energy assets by 2015

Investment Criteria
Each project must meeting the following minimum standards to be approved by Pristine Sun LLC for financing:
1. Rebates & incentives equal 70% or more of installed project cost 2. Shading is no more than 15% of annual insolation
3. Roof condition is average or better (if roof-mount)
4. City permitting conditions are reasonable
5. Serving utility offers true net metering
6. EES generation equals at least 33% of customer usage
7. Good credit (Dun & Bradstreet and/or Moody’s)
8. Installation will be in U.S./U.S. territory or Ontario, Canada 9. No recent bankruptcies
10.No significant pending judgments
11.No criminal record (for key principals)
12.If customer is a tenant, the landlord gives consent for meter to be controlled by Pristine Sun in the event tenant moves out
13.Equity in property is greater than value of EES equipment 14.Pre-tax unleveraged IRR > 12%
15.After-tax leveraged IRR > 25%

1 of 10 projects we built
for SPRINT Corp.

“Principals each have at least 10 years of energy project development and/or finance experience. We have created a marketing machine that has generated a whopping $250 Million of solar & wind projects in less than 9 months.”

a clean energy provider
$1 Billion in energy assets by 2015

Management Team
Alysia Carlson Helming, Principal.

Ms. Helming has over 18 years’ experience in providing internal and external advisory services to CFOs & CEOs for Fortune 500 and mid-sized corporations, including Bushnell, Wells Fargo Bank, Hallmark Cards, DST Systems and Exelon. Most recently, Alysia offered Interim CFO services to KC Biofuels, LLC and Probiotics Holdings, LLC. Prior to this, Alysia was Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at Bushnell Outdoor Products, where she served as the Company’s liaison with attorneys, bankers, and buyers to...
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