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Topics: Foxhound, Scent hound, Hunting Act 2004 Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Is Fox hunting with hounds cruel to be kind or just cruel?

Fox hunting was made illegal in England in 2004. This act was later repealed and two thirds of England’s population are against the repeal of this law. In order to answer the question is fox hunting with hounds cruel to be kind or just cruel we must look at the opinions of both sides of the argument.

    One of the most impressive arguments for fox hunting is that it is traditional. The minority of the English public are fox hunters and the argue stating that its been a tradition since the eighteenth century when they hunted wild deer, wild boar and hares but the extinction of wild boar and almost deer led their attention to foxes. However the majority of the English population are very against fox hunting and they state that times have changed and we are a lot more civilized now in this day and age. In support of this, back in the eighteenth century hanging people was a tradition so why should fox hunting with hounds continue.

    Hunters often argue that protesters don’t have any idea of what a hunt actually involves, even as far as to say they only turn up after the hunt has finished. They suggest that those who are against hunting should take the time to understand the exact nature of hunting before they air their views and even jump to conclusions. On the other hand the protesters state that if the hunters say they don’t know anything about a hunt or hunting with hounds in general they wouldn’t be protesting in the first place. They may not have ever been on a hunt before but they have most definitely researched it, saw videos and read all about it.     Hunters claim that if you eat meat, you have no right to offer arguments against hunting. As far as they are opposing people who eat meat and argue are extremely hypocritical. There can be no doubt that animals are killed for meat, but not all forms of blood sport involve the hunted animal dying. Wearing leather and other materials that are made...
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