Salmonella Typhi (Typhoid Fever)

Topics: Salmonella, Fever, Gastroenteritis Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Salmonella Typhi is a very contagious infection in the intestines that affects the whole body. It is called by a bacteria called Salmonella Typhi that is found in the stools of an infected person. Most people in the United States get typhoid as a result of visiting another country.

Typhoid is spread when a person eats food or water contaminated by human waste (stool or urine) containing Salmonella Typhi bacteria.
Typhoid fever mostly preys upon people from the United States who visit other countries, because in a foreign country food and drink may have been handled by a person who is shedding Salmonella Typhi or if the bacteria gets into the water you use for washing or drinking.

Salmomella Typhi hides in beverages, most commonly milk or water. It also hides in food that is usually a foreign delicacy of some sort that has been contaminated by Salmonella Typhi in some way.

Typhoid fever usually causes high fever, head ache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, weakness, or inability to think clearly. The symptoms take about two weeks to go away if they don't lead to death.

This bacterial pathogen is considered extremely dangerous and is probobly armed. Salmonella Typhi has been on the loose for many years and was cuased a lot of havoc and done a lot of damage over the years.

Typhoid fever affects 17 million people worldwide every year, with approximately 600,000 deaths.
To protect yourself from typhoid fever, aviod risky food and drinks and get vaccinated against typhoid fever, and wash your hands carefully a lot to make sure you have not touched something infected with Salmonella Typhi.

Here are some ways to keep a watch out for Typhoid, at a restaurant , make sure the chef uses fresh products and that all the employees wash there hands after using the bathroom. You can not tell if the food you are eating is infected with Salmonella Typhi unless you hold it under a electron microscope because it does not have any identifying...
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