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Chapter l


In today’s generation, we are engaged in in what we called “TECHNOLOGY” aiming for progress and specially to enhance individual lifestyle in the world of business. Technology has taken a big leap forward in 21st century, with computer programs, electronics upgrading by the month & even by the day. Technology has influenced & greatly simplified almost in every aspect of a student’s life today. It is amazing what technology has done to our society and how dependent we have become on it. Having computers in the workplace has enable the business to our more efficiently and has contributed in having on all around better businesses, using computers cut down our work time, we don’t have to write everything out by hands or type out on typewriters. This increase in usage of computer proves that computers have affected every aspect of our lives and have become one of the necessities. Many developers have contributed to such an advancement and widespread of computer technology. Certainly, many companies and businesses are using sales monitoring and inventory system for their success and growth. It is an effective way for monitoring sales and   tracking different   products and materials that are transferred in and out of a company’s warehouse or establishment. Moreover, a sales monitoring and inventory system promotes effective inventory control which ensures stocking the marketable and correct items in correct quantities. This system can help the company to avoid overstocking. When a company overstocks, money is wasted since procuring, storing, and accounting for unneeded items require time, space, and money which could have been used on more favourable and marketable assets. Having a developed system on sales monitoring and inventory makes the company more productive, efficient and convenient both to the company and its client. The sales and inventory system is meant to help the company employees and personnel to show customers more relevant items, hoping to expedite and increase the sales and most importantly to increase the profit of the company. With the aid of a sales monitoring and inventory systems, product management will be more consistent, consistent, reliable and efficient.

Oyyo’s Store is a retail enterprise, it started and put up on the year 2003, actually there are two branches of Oyyo’s store. Oyyo’s store located at Taruzan, Borongan City near ALLISON owned and managed by Mr. Raagas, and the other one whom I choose to conduct my study is located at Baybay 2, Borongan City near RN Megamart owned and managed by Mrs. Amelita S. Raagas and their supplier is NAPPCO Paper one Company.

The computerization of their existing system is one of the primary reasons why I conducted this study. I believed that with the computerized sales monitoring and inventory system, the problems met on the existing system will lessen and eventually eliminate.


This study aims to solve the following existing manual sales monitoring and inventory problems: 1. It takes time to determine how much their total earnings are at the end of the day because they manually count the total receipt. 2. It is hard for them to determine on which product are best-selling and is not. Because they need more time in checking their products. 3. Complicated Inventory Control Systems, A higher number of inventory items complicates the control and monitoring, such as identifying where items are and how many items exist. 4. Slow transaction on paying services, because they manually list the product they buy.

This study was conducted at Oyyo’s Store located at Baybay 2, Borongan City. This was conducted during the first semester of school year 2014 – 2015. The proposed sales monitoring and inventory system will: 1. Generate official receipt.

2. Track fast moving and slow moving items.
3. Monitor sales and lacking products.
4. Produce...
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