Pos and Inventory System

Topics: Point of sale, Inventory, Inventory control system Pages: 17 (3950 words) Published: August 27, 2013

Group Leader:
* Carl Martin Canlas
Group Member:
* Charmain David
* Maurine Hipolito
* Merinissa Lumasag
* Michelle Mercado
* Jeremiah Pasion
* Jayvee Reyes

Mr.Ronald Mangaldan
Ms. Liberty Zacarias
(Thesis Adviser)


Nowadays, we are totally living in a computerized world. Computer technology is any high-tech tools, or operating methods design to make our lives much easier. Computer technology was virtually unknown times of decades, yet, it has managed to change why computer technology was continuous in using yet evolving.

It’s very important in a company to have their systems computerized. Computerization makes the tasks easier and faster to be accomplished. It is also very substantial to have computerized systems upgraded and updated from time to time. And, the system will become better and the company will be able to keep pace with the fast advancing technology.

Part of the advancement and strategic planning and monitoring all the items they have both the outgoing and ingoing. In this part computation of the overall items, the total outgoing and ingoing elements purchased and sold by a certain business establishment are done. An inventory system is an effective way of monitoring and tracking different materials that are transferred in and out. It is also important for a company to monitor all transactions and movements of goods in order to keep an account of all their stocks.


Along Mc Arthur Highway of Sindalan San Fernando Pampanga a construction supply where the company is located. “Welber Trading” the founder behind this successful business is Mr. Noel Cortez. Welber is derived from the word “Wel” which comes from the nickname of the owner. The company is running about 18 years, in the year 1995, Welber Trading is started and still running up to now. It was started with a small business until it grows. Welber Trading has 2 salesman and 1 cashier assign in construction supply. Now, this company is boomed into its greatest accomplishment in business lining.

On the other hand, this company still has rooms for improvements because they are still experiencing a hard time in accommodating all the customers. They still have poor process in their sales transactions. The proposed Point of Sale System will attract more customers because of their upgraded kind of service. The Point of Sale System can be a remarkable advantage with regard to their competitors.

1.3.1 General Problem

Welber Trading is using manual processing on their sales transactions. It takes a lot of time and exerts more efforts in computing the sales inventory.

1.3.2 Specific Problem

* How to develop a system to help lessen the waiting time of the customers? * How to develop a system to help determine the stocks availability? * How to develop a system that will help provide a printed report? * How to develop a system that can easily determine the actions of the user? * How to create a backup and can restore the database?

* How to create a system that the user can access?
* How to provide security and access to the user?

1.4.1 General Objectives

Our team will design and develop a point of sale system to help lessen employees and customers’ time in dealing on business transaction, such as computation of daily sales and monthly inventory of the company’s products, give security, assurance, accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for both employees and...
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