Sales and Distribution Questionnaire

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Sales and Distribution Questionnaire

Sales and Distribution Questionnaire
Instructions This questionnaire is a tool that you can use to collect information about your business that will be useful for tailoring the R/3 System to your business needs. You will need Microsoft Word for Windows to work with this document. Enter your answers in the fields after the questions, using the TAB key to move from field to field. You may save and later change your answers in this questionnaire just as you would with any other Word document.

1 Enterprise Structure
1.1 SD – Corporate Structure
What selling entities (Sales Organizations) are responsible for establishing terms of sale? To what markets (distribution channels) do you sell? (Retail, Wholesale, etc). What product divisions (product lines) do you have? What sales offices do you have? A Sales Office is a physical location responsible for sales within a given geographical location (optional). What sales groups do you have? These are groups of people responsible for processing sales of certain products or services (optional). Do you have more than one sales person responsible per customer? What warehouses, production sites (Plants) do you have? What are the storage locations at each Plant? Within each plant, what are the areas

© 1997 SAP Technology, Inc.


Sales and Distribution Questionnaire

from which you ship? For example, different loading docks that ship different types of materials or a Federal Express drop-off. (Shipping Point)

2 Master Data
2.1 Logistics Business Partners
What kinds of business partners do you have?
Sold-To Ship-To Bill-To Payer Prospective Customers Competitors Sales Partners Forwarding Agent One Time Customers

Do customers have multiple ship-to’s and payers? If yes, how do you choose? Do you have vendors that are also customers? Please define the structure of your current customer numbering:

Invoice-To partner

Payer partner



2.2 SD Business Partners
SAP Customer Hierarchies define complex buying structures within a single company and allow different pricing for each hierarchy. Do your customers have multi-level complex buying structures within their own company? Yes No

Define the following optional Marketing information that can be attached to your customers. Industry Sectors for Customers? Customer Classifications? Nielson IDs? © 1997 SAP Technology, Inc.


Sales and Distribution Questionnaire

Legal Status? Define the following optional Sales information breakdowns that may be used for reporting. Customer Groups: Sales Districts: Define the following optional Delivery information. Delivery priority levels. Also, explain the allocation process: Customer Calendars: Customer Goods Receiving Hours: Define the following information that will pertain to your billing documents. Define your Billing Schedule: Customer Terms of Payment and cash discounts you offer: Customer Incoterms? These are delivery terms you offer your customers (i.e., FOB): Do you record contact-person information for your customers? Do you record sales employee information in your customer table? Do you record customers who are placed on a “Table of Denial”, thereby denying deliveries to them? Yes No

2.3 Logistics Material
Do you record status information on your material records that would suggest a material should be blocked from sales stages? For example, blocking a sales order because the material is © 1997 SAP Technology, Inc.




Sales and Distribution Questionnaire

discontinued, or blocking a delivery because the material is still in development. If yes, list the various status codes: Define the Length and Format of your material numbering scheme: Define your material groups: This key allows you to group together several materials and services that have the same attributes. This grouping can be used for reporting and pricing. Define the product divisions that allow you to organize your...
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