Safety over Freedom

Topics: Government, Fear, Thomas Hobbes Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Safety over Freedom
By giving up a percentage of freedom, people in turn receive safety by creating restrictive laws, dealing punishments, and developing intricate procedures as seen when governments have dealt with drug use, terrorism, and vehicular management. Time and time again philosophers have come to agreement that a social contract exists. In this social contract people allow government to rule over them to create order because man’s general state of nature is as unruly as it is brutish. To be completely free would not be ideal to any society in existence; complete anarchy would engulf nations and cause terrible destruction. The pursuit of safety is driven by fear creating better conditions for the majority over whatever an individual would prefer.

Every introduction of a new controlled substance that is used recreationally always creates a scare in the health department, as well as the government. Ketamine is a drug which is generally used as horse tranquilizer, but also began to be used recreationally. The recreational use was legal for a while until the effects of the drug where examined. Governments immediately took action to outlaw this drug as it causes significant damage to the body and clouds judgment leading to negative, dire consequences such as aggressiveness and violence. People’s freedom to intake whatever they pleased was infringed upon as laws were passed to give this drug its illegal status all in the name or protecting others.

Terrorism has greatly shaped the way America is governed now. Safety was threatened; therefore drastic measures were taken which sacrificed a great deal of freedom. Most American adults recall where they were at the time of 9/11. After the 9/11 strike everyone in the United States feared for the future as they were anxious about whether or not such other attacks would ensue. The government placed heavy security in airports after that. People were being thoroughly checked, searched, and some may say violated....
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