Safeguard the Future of Our Children

Topics: Automobile, Biodiversity, Cleanliness Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 26, 2013
We do not realise that the future generation will not be able to survive without the natural resources we are squandering.With so much progress in this wprld these have started to matter a lot and play an immense role in our lives.

Without any worry we waste tonnes and tonnes of water. For eg. we can take a shower wihtin 5 minutes but we rather prefer talking long baths in the water tub.Same is the case when we wash our cars, even thought they dont need cleaning we still wash them unnecessarily. If we really care about the survivl of the next generation we should start using water wisely and not waste it intentionally.

Then comes forward the travelling which requires the 2 most important non renewable fossil fuels, oil and gas.Eventhough everyone is aware that these are formed over a 1000 years we yet waste them.It is time that we should start conserving them before it gets too late. We should stop relying on our vehicles for short distances and rather walk or contact our neighbours and carpool when going to places such as school or supermarket. In the long run it will help us in 2 ways that being the conservation of these and lesser pollution.

Deforestation is now common in most areas of the world. Trees are being chopped off for the construction of roads, buildings and furniture. We do not realise that we are actually removing the vaccum cleaners of the area. What benefit will these roads and buildings do if we are no longer alive due to the laxk of oxyen or too much pollution?

Considering all the facts it is clear that saving these natural resources is a duty of all and needs global importance. Please start acting soon since no one is ready to face global changes without forests, fuel and clean water.
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