Safe Haven Book Review

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28 May 2014
Safe Haven: The Review
Safe Haven is a novel written by Nicolas Sparks. Like most of Mr. Sparks novels, it is a love story. However, this love story has a hint of danger unlike many of his other books which are pretty calm in comparison. In retrospect, it is a novel that was intended for his common audience, mostly, young girls and older women. This review is my personal opinion of this novel with a summary of the book’s contents along with some of its strengths and weaknesses.

Spark’s is a talented writer, there is no doubt about that. He uses great descriptive writing to really help paint what he envisions while writing for the reader to see it just as he does. For example, the way he describes all characters, and the scenery around them. The story’s main character is a girl named Katie. The story starts off with Katie coming to a small town in North Carolina called Southport. There she has a little, old abandoned cottage. She is recluse and  starts working at a restaurant named Ivan’s. She meets another main character named Alex and his two kids Josh and Kristin at the local grocery store that Alex owns. Alex and Katie form a friendship that eventually leads to a romantic relationship (what a big shocker there). Jo, a semi main character but mostly a minor character and is Katie’s only friend and neighbor. Sparks described Katie as having brown hair and being frail, thin to the bone. He kept up the mystery of her past from the beginning with her moving to a small town clearly looking to get away from her past. She has little to no money, clearly demonstrated when she would go to the grocery store and try to find the cheapest food items as possible. Sparks throws in a lot of allusion and flashbacks within chapters 17 to 21. Katie reveals to Jo that she was married to a detective named Kevin. She told Jo that Kevin became and alcoholic and would abuse her. She left hoping Kevin would never find her ever again. Within chapters 17 to...

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