The Hot House Book Review

Topics: Prison, Crime, Aryan Brotherhood Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The Hot House Life Inside Leavenworth Prison

The Hot House Life inside Leavenworth prison was writing in 1987-1989 by Peter Earley. Leavenworth has been one of the oldest and most dangerous maximum security facilities in the nation. The author introduces us with 6 prisoners and a couple of wardens. The book captures all the problems prisoners came across and experiences they had to go through. Carl Bowles an inmate for 23 consecutive years. He had a record as a sexual predator. Carl Bowles was known for forcing weaker inmates to satisfy his pleasures. Bowles was practically raised in a jail cell with all the prison rules and regulations; to him it was his house. He was first arrested when he was 12 years old. He had been convicted for killing an officer, kidnapping, and several counts of murder including an old couple in which he had stolen their vehicle. Carls was on top of the food chain almost everyone was scared of him and all new inmates would be recommended to stay with him for protection. Inmates would do research of their own to figure out when new inmates; know as fish would be admitted to the facility, as everyone would fight over them to make them do their dirty deeds. Carl ran upon Thomas Little a new comer which was accidently placed in a maximum security facility. Thomas hanged out with Carl Bowles until he got relocated to a lesser security facility with the help of Bowles. Wardens and other inmates wondered if Carls being a sexual predator was using him as his slave. After all he was taking care of him and looking out for him. Inmates state that no one will take care of another inmate unless they benefit from it. Carl Bowles goes into great details stating that Thomas little was just his friend and that if he wanted any kind of sexual pleasure he had plenty of inmates that were willing to satisfy his needs. William Post was another inmate at Leavenworth prison; he had been at the facility ever since he was 8 years old. He was arrested for...
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