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Rural sociology- 1205
The nomenclature ‘Rural Sociology’ indicates that it is the scientific study of Rural Society. Broadly speaking, it deals with the systematic study of Rural Society, its institutions, activities interactions, social change etc. It not only deals with the social relationship of man in rural environment but also takes urban surroundings into considerations for a comparative study. So Rural Sociology primarily deals with the description and analysis of groups of various kinds as they exist in rural environment. Rural sociology is a scientific discipline focused on all aspects of a rural way of life, including its customs, demographics, and interactions with urban groups. This specific area of sociology explores rural society's role in the rest of the world, particularly in terms of economics and social theory. Many rural areas are rich centers of resources that sometimes face unique challenges due to changes in technology, infrastructure, and agribusiness. Scholars who study rural sociology often attempt to illustrate the differences between rural and urban life as well as the social issues that both types of populations have in common. In 1916 the first text book on sociology was published by J.N Gillette. D. Sanderson says that "Rural sociology is the sociology of rural life in the rural environment." [Sanderson, D.: rural sociology and social organization, p. 10] F. Stuart. Chapin defines rural sociology as "The sociology of rural life is a study of the rural population, rural social organization and the social processes operative, in rural society." [Chaplin, F. Stuart: social structure in rural society, p. 7] It is clear from the above mentioned definitions that rural sociology studies the social interactions, institutions and activities and social changes that take place in the rural society. It studies the rural social organizations, structure and set up. It provides us that knowledge about the rural social phenomena. Nature of Rural Sociology………

There is a controversy whether the sociology can be regards as science with his own subject matter. Science may be defined as body of systematized knowledge or synthesized body of knowledge. In the collection of facts for any knowledge, when we apply a scientific method it is called as a science. Science goes with the method and not with the subject matter. Scientific method consists of systematic observation, classification and interpretation of data. It is believed that rural sociology employs the scientific method. The nature of rural sociology as a science can determine on the basis of following facts: Use of Scientific Method:

Rural Sociology employs scientific method. All the methods used in Rural Sociology are scientific in nature. These methods are observation, interview, case study, schedule, and questionnaire and so on. In these methods, the first step is collection of data through observation. Then the date is classified and finally the results are brought out on the basis of accepted data. The validity of these results is verified. Factual Study:

Rural Sociology is always based on factual study. It studies rural social relationship and activities in a factual way. It makes a scientific study of facts, general principles and theories involved in them. Universal Principles:

The laws and principles of Rural Sociology are universal in nature. Because they prove true at all times and at all places and produce the same results. For example, the principles of family disorganization and social disorganization are correlated, it true everywhere. Vertical Principles:

The principles of Rural Sociology prove true at every verification and re verification. Their validity can be examined by any one. For example one can consider the law that and increase in the rate of divorces indicates acceleration of family disorganization. This principles can be examined anywhere by...
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