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Company Profile

Britannia was incorporated in 1918 as Britannia Biscuits Co LTD in Calcutta. In 1924, Pea Freon UK acquired a controlling stake, which later passed on to the Associated Biscuits International (ABI) and UK based company. During the 50’s and 60’s, Britannia expanded operations to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. In 1989, J M Pillai, a Singapore based NRI businessman along with the Group DANONE acquired Asian operations of Nabisco, thus acquiring controlling stake in Britannia. Later, Group DANONE and Nusli Wadia took over Pillai’s holdings.

Evolution of Britannia:
1892 - A humble genesis was made to manufacture biscuits in a small house in Central Calcutta, with an investment of Rs.295.

1897 - The business was acquired by Gupta brothers who moved operations to Dum in Calcutta under the name of V.S. Brothers.

1918 - Mr. C. H. Holmes, an English business man, partnered with Gupta Brothers. Britannia was incorporated on the 21st of March 1918 as a public limited company under the Indian Companies Act VII of 1913.

1924 - New factories were established in Mumbai and Calcutta. Britannia became a subsidiary of Peek, Freon & Company Limited, a leading biscuit company in UK.

1997 - ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ became the new corporate mantra. Britannia entered the dairy business. ‘Tiger’ biscuits were launched. ‘Jim Jam’ and ‘Checkers’ were launched.

2002 - Britannia formed a joint venture with Fonterra, the world’s second largest dairy company and Britannia New Zealand Foods Private Limited was born.

2005 - Brand Tiger’s re-birth was marked by the slogan ‘Swasth Khao” Tiger Ban Jao’, which became a popular chant. Britannia launched ‘Greetings’ a range of assorted gift packs. Britannia ‘50-50 Pepper Chakkar’ was launched.

2007 - In a survey conducted by AC Nielsen ORG-Marg and published in the Economic Times, Britannia was rated the No.1 MOST TRUSTED FOOD BRAND. It also ranked as No.1 Brand in Metros across all categories.

2008 - Britannia launched Iron fortified ‘Tiger’ biscuits, ‘Good Day Classic Cookies’, Low Fat Dahi and renovated ‘Marie Gold’.


POSM (Point of Sales Material)

The point of sales material generally has three elements, i.e.

1. Temporary type

2. Semi-Permanent type

3. Permanent type

The semi- permanent type of point of sales material has an expiry life of about 6-8 weeks at the outlets. These highlight the presence of Britannia and Britannia brands in the outlet. The third type of point of sales material has an expiry life of at least one year at the outlets.

Elements of temporary visibility such as sticker, Paper flange, Poster, Wobblers are pre-gummed and thus can be stuck on the retail and wholesale shops at appropriate locations. The Point Of Sales Material such as Dangler and Streamer are hanging type and are hung at appropriate locations in the outlets.

Madhurification -

Madhurification is a term used in terms of point of sales material. It generally refers to the use of certain material which helps in the beautification of the shops.

The elements of madhurification include shelf kit which includes shelf strips and backing sheet. It also includes Banners and Torans.

Importance of Madhurification -

1. Demarcates Category
2. Highlights our Products
3. Brand Britannia Visibility
Britannia was the first ever biscuit company to use Madhurification.

Qualitative Changes –
Taste is the base to know that what customer/consumers would like to purchase because if the quality and the taste is good or better than the other biscuit than the consumer will switch over on the good one. In middle of the Project Company make...
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