Running Fence

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Running Fence
The project “Running Fence” created by Christo and Jean-Claude was a piece of art that has an unlimited appreciation of love and limitless aspects. In no point in the making was this piece of art was created to harm or destroy anyone’s property. This project faced community’s disapproval, rage, and doubt for about forty five that the project was being completed. The Running Fence project is bigger than itself and leaves behind a long lasting journey.

The eighteen feet high fenced covered twenty four and a half miles. This project uses all visual elements (lines, color, texture, perspective, space, form, volume). The fabric used is energetic and moves with the wind creating sounds. The nice light fabric is also a great conductor of light that makes different spaces of shades. Its least element would have to be texture. The project wasn’t really built to remember its texture although they worked really hard to put it up. This piece of art is a visual piece that is unforgettable in their minds.

I believe people changed their mind because they were not doing anything wrong at all. The same way the fence was put up it was going to get put down. They also have created a few jobs for people around the area during the making of the fence. My opinion of the fence was stood positive from begging to end. I believe what Christo and Jean did take art to a whole different level. This type of art you appreciate over long term memory or just don’t like it at all. They did a great job acting in a positive manner throughout the project which made them so successful in life.
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