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➢ It is a bright day and the child is outdoors.The
child looks around and sees grass and also feels the wind.The child then questions why grass is green and why wind is only felt but not seen by the human eye.

Verse 2
➢ Still outoors,the child sees trees and bird’s nest. The child then wonders who teaches birds t build nests and also tells the tree to take a rest.The child has probably observed plants and trees swaying in the wind and now wonders why they are standing still.

Verse 3
➢ It is night-time and the child’s thoughts shift to the moon in the sky.The child has observed the changing shapes of the moon and ponders why the moon is not round all the time.Maybe the child has seen the half moon and/or the three-quarter moon before and is now puzzled as to where the ‘missing bit’ can be.

Verse 4
➢ The twinkling stars in the night sky make the child wonder about the person who lights the stars and then relights them when their lights go out.The child then thinks of other lights and wonders who makes the flashes of lightning during a storm.

Verse 5
➢ The child moves on to think about the beauty of Nature after the rain.The child wonders about the person who paints the colourful rainbow that is seen after the rain.The child also wants to know the person responsible for hanging clouds high up in the sky.

Verse 6
➢ The child wonders why his/her father cannot provide any answers since he is an adult who is supposed to know anything.The reader is left with the idea that the child continues to wonder if adults like his/her father actually have the answers behind these unexplainable wonders of Nature.


• Outdoors,where the persona observes Nature in its many forms.

• Starts with a bright day (‘green grass’,’trees resting’), continues through a clear night (‘moon’, ‘stars’) , then during a storm (‘lightning flash’) and ends after the storm (‘rainbow’)


o The speaker is a young child who is intelligent, observant and curious about Nature.

o This young child is amazed by the wonders of Nature and asks questions about things that a normal child would take for granted.

o The child also wants to know about the creator of these wonders of Nature.

o The child is puzzled why adults will not answer his/her probing questions.


The beauty of nature
The poet shows us that nature is beautiful and we should take time to enjoy it.She uses images like the green grass, fluffy clouds, shining stars, rainbow and moon to create beauty of nature for us to appreciate.

The mysteries of nature
The poet wants us to appreciate the beauty and mysteries of nature around us that we take for granted.The poet also highlights that we do not have the answers to everything that is happening around us through the questions presented in the poem.There are some mysteries of nature that God has created to which we have no answers.


Gratitude and respect
We should be grateful for the beauty of Nature that is around us.We should learn to respect Nature by taking better care of our surroundings so future generations can benefit as well.

We should acknowledge thet there is a phenomenon greater than our existence.It is our duty to protect and to care for the wonderful things that live alongside us.This is a positive value that every one should try to have.


▪ The poem is written in six verses.Each verse consists of two lines called a couplet.

▪ The poet use aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff as the rhyme...
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