rugby session

Topics: Players, The Players, Color vision Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: December 4, 2013


Age of Group:
Number attending: 8
Date: 01/12/2013

Equipment: 4 balls. 30 cones. 8 bibs
H and S checklist completed:
Identified hazards and actions taken:

Learning from previous session:

Personal action points from previous session:
Goals for the session:
To introduce the players to the principle of rugby “GO FORWARD” in 1 v 1 situation by means of footwork. Introduction and warm-up:
Tag game. 3 taggers (bibs on), 1 ball. The the ball carrier cannot walk or run, passing the ball among the taggers, they have to tag the non-bibs touching them with the ball (touching not throwing the ball) in a delimited space. The non-bib tagged join the taggers by putting on a bib. Main content/game: Circuit 4 stations

1st station. 1 v 1 (Square of 10m side)
Both players starting from the same position (green cone), the ball carrier decides and calls one color (red or yellow), they have to run around the selected cone and attack trying to get a try.

2nd station. Footwork. In pairs form an 8 around the green cones. (no kick, no cross). Short steps. Acceleration forward. Stop. Right or Left. Acceleration forward. Each player carrying a ball in two hands.

3rd station. Funnel. 1 v 1. the ball carrier always start from the narrowest part.

4th station. Footwork. 1 v 1 race. Each player carrying a ball in two hands.

3 v 3 + 2. Pitch of 10 x 25. 3 green bibs v 3 red bibs + 2 yellow bibs (always attacking). 5 channels, each attacker in one channel, they are not allowed to move from one channel to another. Defense moves freely. Both teams start with 2 balls on their side try line + 1ball, first team to get the 5 balls in their opponent try line wins the game

Ideas for development area:

End of the session cool-down

Comments on session
Reflection on coaching skills:
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