Rotary Cove Beach Case

Topics: Profit, Strategic planning, Mission statement Pages: 3 (454 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Critical Issues
In order for Rotary Cove Beach (RCB) to maintain the Goderich Town Council (Council) funding, it must solved the following: How to create a profit generating model during the summer so that RCB can be profitable How to (success) so that

How to (success) so that

How to maintain the Goderich Town Council (Council) funding so that RCB

Decision Criteria
To earn $X within 2011 year end (upcoming year)


Location (Goderich)
-8000 people
-known for downtown traffic circle
-home of largest salt mine
-tourism is major economic driver (higher level of activities in the summer months) -“prettiest town in Canada”
-family-friendly beach
-stress relief through relaxation at less expensive vacations
-lifegauards (best and experienced, hand picked)
-Goderich owned the asset but was funded and supported by separate org.
-no direct revenue stream WHYYY
-How to sustain Council funding
-net loss of $370,000 (Council help fund)
-need action plan to improve its profitability for the beachfront -YMCA
-summer camps, swimming lessons, employment resource centre, alternative education, childcare, leadership developer, fitness
-strong children, strong families and strong communities (org mission statement) - people attended facility at all hours >get everyone involved incl financial assistance programs (no discriminations) -Goderich-Huron Branch, subsidiary of YMCA-opportunity to participate in healthy and active lifestyle

-Marketing budgeted $25,000 for advertising-good marketing and attracting visitors -Need to plan marketing budget strategically for Council approval

Annie Marie Thomson
-started as teenager at YMCA (aquatics-business
-held every designation available by lifesaving society

-lifeguard provided sense of safety for toursists (quick responsiveness to emergency, alchol consumption, etc) -only beach that recorded water consumption and temperature
-only beach...
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