Root and B5 Engineer Mauricio

Topics: Root, Incubus, Tropics Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: August 27, 2013
PADUA, Yulo T. July 24, 2013 SFTY100 / B5Engineer Mauricio P. Ibasco

Homework # 1
Planting a Mango Seedling (2 feet high)

1. Find right location to Plant Mango Seedling| Toxic MaterialsAir PollutantsSoil PollutantsVehiclesPopulations| Plant mango seedling at the beginning of the wet season. Wear appropriate clothing and shower immediately after planting and wash clothing thoroughly.| 2. Dig a hole with accurate size| ExplosivesInsectsHazardous WasteBody PositionAir Pollutants| Make sure the hole is deep enough for the roots to be fully extended. Ensure that stones and twigs are out of the hole to avoid roots to dry out.| 3. Handling the mango seedling carefully| Error-prone SetupRepetitive MotionsAir PollutantsBoredomIrritants| Rinse the sides and top of the root clean immediately before placing the seedling into the ground.| 4. Lay the roots straight down the hole | Body PositionIrritantsAir PollutantsError-prone SetupProcedures| Ensure the roots are straight, fully extended and that the tree is neither too shallow nor too deep in the hole.| 5. Plant mango seedling slightly | Body PositionError-prone SetupAir PollutantsRepetitive MotionsBoredom| Be careful to plant seedling as it may contribute to surface root formation in the long run.| 6. Cover the seedling with soil. | ProceduresWork PressureFalling PotentialIrritantsSoil Pol| Make sure the filling of the hole allowing soil to fall in around the roots.| 7. Tamp the soil.| IrritantsInsectsError-prone SetupFatigueBoredom| Be careful when tamping the soil as this can cause the soil to clod or not receive enough water and oxygen.| 8. Create a mulched layer. around the seedling.| ProceduresError-prone SetupRepetitive MotionsWork PressureFatigue| Cut crops such as oats, sorghum, “setaria” or mixtures of these with a legume such as soybean that provides open mulch that...
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