Ron Clark Essay

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Ron Clark Essay
The Ron Clark story was a very touching story that had a lot to do with the lessons we have been learning on paradigms. The way we see the world in terms of our visual sense of sight, but terms of understanding or interpreting. People’s paradigms are based on their environment, behavior, attitude, post experiences and beliefs and also your values. What is your driving force? Who or what is your obsession? The Ron Clark story is about a teacher who is in a nice town with decent students. This teacher always tells his students to go for their dreams and that they could be anything they wan to be. When they make his own personal parking space he sees it as his tombstone, or where he will spend the rest of his life. He soon realizes that all the advice he gives to his 6th grade students is true. So he wants a more challenging job, so he goes to New York’s schools because he wants to make a difference and help the children succeed. Ron soon finds how hard it was to live in New York let alone teach there. He goes from school to school trying to find a teaching job opening, finally found one in a run down school. He offers to take one of the worst classes. This class is bad, even the principal thought that Mr. Clark should have another class.

So Mr. Clark has this class that doesn’t do that well in school but he is determined that they can and will succeed. The principal, Parents and the children them selves thought that they were useless and would never do any good. So these kids are telling themselves that they won’t make it before they even tried. There is no trying, do or do not. Mr. Clark tells the principal that they are setting the bar to low for these kids, if they were to set the bar higher the children would accomplish more by their driving force. The little girl that is one of the main characters in the story is threatening the teacher, not listening to orders and not doing her school work. The mother likes her to be home to baby-sit...
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