The Circuit

Topics: Boy, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: September 12, 2013
"The Circuit"
by Francisco Jiménez

Some stories tell you about someone’s life as a migrant worker. One story is “The Circuit”. In this story by Francisco Jimenez it about a young boy who lived in Mexico that works on farms with his brother and father to help support his family. Throughout his story, Francisco describes to the audience how his family moves around from farm to farm for work, how it is important about helping out your family and how he wants to go to school. At the beginning of the story, the author describes how his brother, father and he work on a strawberry farm until the peak season was over. He also describes that when he gets home all of their belongings are packed in cardboard boxes because they will be moving to Fresno, California. Knowing that he was moving he said “it still brought tears to my eyes.” He just wants an education and a place to call home. When they arrived in Fresno they quickly got jobs. His Mama had to ask if anyone needed any more workers because his Papa did not speak English. They went to a big white house and his Mama came back and said “We have work! Mr. Sullivan said we can stay there the whole season.” They stayed in a nearby garage that had no windows and needed repairs. They worked on a vineyard. The author describes how the temperatures were so high that he was completely soaked in sweat and his mouth was so dry. The young boy worked so hard that at one point he “felt sick” and almost passed out. With him getting sick it makes the audience fell sorry and sad for the young boy for working so hard. When Papa whispered “Here comes the school bus” and the boys had to hide so they would not get in trouble. At the boys’ reaction, the audience knew that neither of the boys was enrolled in school yet. Finally, the ending of the story the audience is informed that the young boy gets enrolled in school. He goes to the principal’s office and asked to be “enrolled in the sixth grade.” Mr. Lema is his teacher that helps...
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