Romulus of Rome Is a Good Example of Merit and Fortune

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Romulus is a Good Example of Merit and Fortune.

Throughout history there have been many princes who achieved a huge success in ruling the country or making the change of the world. On top of that, merit and fortune are two of the necessary values that the princes should have in order to rule. Merit, as we know, is mostly determined by the education or talent , on the other hand, It is always the internal factor that plays the roll. However, Fortune is usually determined by external factor, which is out of human control. No matter in a war or a peaceful period, merit and fortune are important factors that will determine how well the prince rules the country. Besides, Having merit or fortune is reflected by the way or the result of the ruling of the prince. Romulus, as the founder of city Rome has great merit and fortune throughout his whole life of reigning Rome. He was a good example of merit and fortune as a prince, bring a new life and a bright future for the Romans as well as Rome.

First of all, Romulus survived by his fortune at his young age. Although he didn’t have as much fortune as the other prince while he was building or ruling Rome, fortune did help him a lot when he was young. According to the roman mythology, the brother of their grandfather Numitor took over the power and killed the male heir of the city Alba Longa. He has Romulus and his brother Remus abandoned to die in the river Tiber. However, they were saved by a serious of incredible interventions. The river kept them save and a she-wolf, instead of eating them, suckled them. After they grew up more, they were taken and raised by a shepherd and his wife. It showed that fortune played an important roll in the early life of Romulus. Just as Machiavelli mentioned in the Prince that “ It was fortunate for Romulus that he found no home in Alba, but was exposed at the time of his birth, to the end that might become king and founder of the city of Rome “(Machiavelli 13), Explaining that it’s...
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