Romeo and Juliet: Tragic Hero

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WWI Timeline

July 28th, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

August 1st, Germany declares war on Russia.

August 3rd, Germany declares war on France.

August 4th, United Kingdom declares war on Germany after Germany invades Belgium.

August 6th, Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia declares war on Germany.

August 26th, battle of Tannenberg begins.

August 29th, President Woodrow announces that US will stay neutral.

September 5th, the first battle of the Marne begins. Trench warfare begins as soldiers on both sides dig in.

October 19th, battle of Ypres begins.

November 3rd, the United Kingdom announces that North Sea is military area, effectively creating a blockade of goods into Germany.

December 24th, the unofficial Christmas truce is declared.


January 19th, Germany uses the Zeppelin for the first time to raid Britain.

February 4th, Germany declares a “war zone” around Great Britain threating all sea traffic.

February 19th, Britain begins attack on the Turkish forts in the Dardanelles strait.

April 25th, land assault begins on Gallipoli.

May 7th, the RMS “Lusitania” non-military ship sunk by German U-boat turning world opinion.

May 23rd, Italy declares war on Germany and Austria.

August 5th, Germany betrays Russians and takes Warsaw, Poland .

September 5th, Tsar Nicolas II takes command of Russia’s army.

September 25th, start of the battle of Loos, the largest British offensive on the Western Front.

December 19th, the allies start the retreat from Gallipoli.


January 27th, law introduced in Britain for compulsory service into the military.

February 21st, beginning of the battle on Verdun, the longest battle and one of the bloodiest in World War I.

April 29th, British forces surrendered in Mesopotamia to the Turkish army.

May 31st, battle of Jutland, the only major naval battle of World War I. It remains the largest navy battle in history.

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