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Act III Study Guide
Scene 1
Mercutio is mocking Benvolio at the opening of this scene. What is he saying and how do we know he is teasing? A: He is describing Benvolio as someone who loves to fight, but we know from the verybeginning of the play that Benvolio loves to keep the peace and tries to avoid conflictbecause he tried to break up the fight between the servants.

Why does Romeo refuse to fight with Tybalt? What does he say in lines 66-70? A: He refuses to fight because he is married to Juliet, Tybalt’s cousin. He tells Tybaltthat he loves him more than he can imagine, even though at the moment he cannot tellhim why. He also says that he values the Capulet name.

How does Mercutio respond to Romeo’s answer?
A: He is offended and decides to fight Tybalt himself.

After Tybalt stabs Mercutio, what does he say in line 88? Why do you think he says this? A: He says, “A plague a’ both house!” He is cursing both families because he has become a victim of the feud, and he was stabbed by Tybalt’s sword under Romeo’s arm.

How does Romeo blame Juliet for Mercutio’s death?
A: He says she made him effeminate and unwilling to fight for his honor.

What is Romeo saying when he calls himself “Fortune’s Fool”? A: This is another reference to fate. He now knows that he and Juliet will never betogether.

Why does the Prince choose to exile Romeo instead of put him to death? A: Tybalt killed Mercutio, so Romeo killed Tybalt. The score is even, but because Romeo fought and killed a man, he must face some sort of punishment.

Scene 2
In her soliloquy, Juliet longs for night to come so she can be with Romeo. What does the audience know that Juliet doesn’t at this point? A: She doesn’t know that Romeo has been banished, and they may never see each otheragain.

What foreshadowing does Juliet unconsciously offer concerning Romeo’s death? A: lines 21-24 “Give me my Romeo; and when he shall die, / take him and cut him out inlittle stars. / and he will make...
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