Romeo and Juliet and Lord Capulet

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Her father is more interested in seeing that she marries well and soon rather than her personal happiness. He tells Paris that although she is "free to choose" her own mate, it must be from a narrow pool that he has approved of, and what's more, he has already selected Paris. He sees no reason why his daughter would object.
Well, as Shakespeare hints during the play - both Romeo and Juliet didn't really have relationships with their parents. Children in those days (especially rich ones like Juliet) would often have Nurses (today, we call them nannies) and would be taken care of by them. It was unfashionable for mothers to breastfeed or really BOND with their children.

Their relationship before Juliet met Romeo was basically just obedience. Juliet would have done anything her father had asked, because that's the way she was brought up, and that's the way it was done - the father was the head of the household. She'd even said; "I'll look to like if looking liking move" - I’ll marry anyone you want me to marry, just pick him out and I'll try to love him. She was raised to please and obey. Love changed her.
During the Elizabethan period a girl's father would decide when and who the girl would marry. This decision was made by the father because it was a Patriarchal society. If the daughter/girl refused to marry whomever the father choose the only way she would be able to get out of it was either to leave her home and live on the streets or commit suicide. My opinion on this period is that it was unfair as it did not allow the girl to have a say and that she had to do whatever the father pleased.
At the beginning of the play we are able to see clearly how much Lord Capulet loves his daughter Juliet and that he is no hurry to get her married of. He says:
"Let two more summers wither in their pride ere we may think her ripe to be a bride". From this you can see the Lord Capulet loves his daughter dearly and would like to keep her for as long as he can.
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