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Roman Catholic Church Influences on Europe in the Middle Age

By Thexono Dec 07, 2006 356 Words
The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church made many positive, as well as negative influences on Europe during the Middle Ages. Some of the positive influences were education and music. Some negative influences were the Crusades and conflicts between Kings and the Pope over power.

As illustrated in Document 3, there are children learning and a monk is teaching them. They have books on their laps like they are reading. This had a very positive influence on Medieval Society. Before Medieval times, very few people could even read or write. That is why the old churches had a lot of stained glass, because the pictures they formed told religious stories. Religion could spread even if people couldn't read the Bible

Document 2 says that Medieval music had and influence on the people of the medieval times. Medieval music unified people because the music had free flowing rhythm, and was also sung in unison. In many religions today there are recitations, such as "The Gloria Patri." That was something that was taken from Medieval times that is still used in many church services today.

Along with the good influences came the bad. Pope Urban II believed that it was the "Will of God" for Christians to fight against the Persian people. (Doc. 5) This was a holy war; or Crusade, which is like a Muslim Jihad.

Pope Boniface VIII said he "declares state, define and pronounce that it is altogether necessary to salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff."(Doc. 2) Kings and Lords would not agree with this because the Pope believed he had Divine Power. That mean the Pope believes God has given him power over everything and everyone. Not only does he believe he has this power, he thinks he can tell people they will have salvation only if they are Catholic.

As you can see, the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church made many positive, as well as negative influences on Europe during the Middle Ages. Some positives were education and music. Some negatives were the Crusades and

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