Roles and Responsibilities as a Teacher

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My Understanding of the roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher are far more complex than many would realise. You are never simply just someone standing at the front of a classroom delivering information about a particular subject. The role is varied and ranges from therapist, to coach, to teacher to assessor. Through the course of this assignment I will endeavour to explore the different roles and responsibilities that combine to form ‘a teacher’

The ultimate role and responsibility of a teacher is,
‘..that the learners achieve the intended learning outcomes...’1

In short you are responsible for the whole learning cycle. Initial Assessment, Planning and Preparation, Teaching, Assessment and Evaluation.

The role of the teacher is to ensure that training takes place in a safe environment. All learners need to feel free to participate, express opinions and give feedback. This being said there do need to be boundaries and/or rules set for each session.

Group discussion can be great, but it sometimes will need to be contained. If groups are passionate about a subject they may be inclined to run off at a tangent and the thread or purpose of the learning will be lost. Ultimately the teacher has to be in charge of the group and rein the learners in if things get heated.

Discussions may involve examples being used about colleagues or learners may divulge personal information, in these circumstances it is vital that confidentiality ground rules are set and adhered to.

In addition to this, the use of language and humour needs to be monitored. If you are training in your own work environment you may end up training colleagues and people you know. This can encourage familiarity and the teacher/learner relationship line can become blurred.

A teacher needs to be aware of and up to date with any relevant legislation. There are three main pieces of legislation to be aware of: The Equality Act
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