Roles and Functions of a Manager- Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organization development Pages: 8 (2137 words) Published: October 13, 2008
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is a director’s role?
Brenton Kenton
Executive development
Year: 1995 Volume: 8 Issue: 2 Page: 16-18 ISSN: 0953-3230
DOI: 10.1108/09533239510086358
This article evaluates the roles of a director and the importance of a strong sense of purpose for any organisation. The three main roles outlined in the article are policy, strategy and operations. External and internal monitoring by the directors is found to be essential in these roles. Originality, imagination and ambition form the hallmark of having a strong sense of purpose (policy). This sense of direction along with decisional, informational and interpersonal roles of the directors helped them to progress from a recession after the second world war in UK. Specific actions must be taken to overcome the internal and external obstacles to fulfilling the sense of purpose. The director plays an important role in linking the organization and the environment and generates proactivity. The article also emphasises the scientific method of management which includes clarity, order and dispassionate observation to increase efficiency. It thus shows how profits were earned from waste materials by William Walters and other leaders of Terre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A qualitative investigation into leader behavioural flexibility Crissa Sumner-Armstrong, Peter Newcombe, Robin Martin
Journal of Management Development
Year: 2008 Volume: 27 Issue: 8 Page: 843 – 857 ISSN: 0262-1711 DOI: 10.1108/02621710810895668
This research primarily aimed to classify traits synonymous with leader behavioural flexibility (lbf) and consecutively their effects on an organisation management. It also addresses some of the problems that were earlier related to management, namely: 1.The difficulty of determining the most effective leadership role for an never ending list of requirements 2.The need for greater recognition of wider range of stakeholders that leaders work with, including peers, clients, employees etc.

The concept of lbf suggests that by having a large number of behaviours, leaders are able to deal with complexities of day to day modern life. The use of Grounded theory methodology facilitated their research since it helps in theory building process. Several limitations were found like the absence of previous research at various organisational levels and focus on only upper middle and executive levels of leadership. The processes which directly attributed positive organisational outcomes were researched upon. Also the effects of factors like education level, social intelligence, etc. on lbf were found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The role of technical skill in perceptions of managerial performance Sylvia J. Hysong
Journal of Management Development
Year: 2008 Volume:27 Issue:3 Page: 275 – 290 ISSN:0262-1711 DOI: 10.1108/02621710810858605
This paper evaluates the efficacy of using technical skill as a common criterion for promotion of technical professionals into management. The research utilised online surveys with 107 supervisors from engineering and petrochemical companies regarding their managerial performance, technical skill, sources of power and influence tactics. The present study explores the possibility of social power ie. Expert and referent power and influence tactic behaviour provide a mediating mechanism for the relationship between technical skill and managerial performance. Analyses of variance was conducted to test the possibility that scientists and researchers could not be studied together in a single category due to their different personality, goals and orientations. However, no significant mean differences were found across industries, nor across position. Limitations include...
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