Role of Youth in Politics

Topics: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Human Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Bertrand Russell is a philosopher, Mathematician and sociologist. He is a prolific writer on a variety of subjects. He received Nobel Prize for literature in 1950. “Man’s peril “ is an in-depth analysis of the dangers confronting the modern world and ghostly consequences of atomic warfare. He implores and warns the combating nations in the world to set aside the conflicting ideologies and save the world from total termination. He writes in a style that is witty, lucid and impressive. The world is full of conflicts. The greatest is the struggle between communism and anti-communism. As a human being, he is greatly worried of humankind whose continued existence is in doubt. The powerful destructive bombs pose a threat to the whole humankind. All are in peril. The issue is disastrous to all sides. One atom bomb obliterated Hiroshima; one hydrogen bomb can obliterate the largest cities like London, New York and Moscow. Now bombs 25000 times More powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, are being made. If exploded, the hydrogen bomb affects the earth, water and air. The consequences are deadly and disastrous. A war with hydrogen bomb is quite likely to put an end to the completely human race. The fortunate minority dies; the unfortunate majority survives only to undergo torture, disease and disintegration. “Men who know most are most gloomy”. “If man ends not war, war ends man”. The abolition of war demands disastrous limitations of National Sovereignty. It is unfortunate that people fail to realize that war is disastrous to them and their Progeny also. Though agreements are reached regarding the escalation of nuclear bombs, it will not be respected during the times of war. Both sides manufacture bombs. It is natural. Both the sides of Iron Curtain give seemingly judicious reasons. At a certain time, both the sides long for accommodation. But neither could say so no account of fear of being called “cowardly”. At this juncture, their friends may intervene and...
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